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Our methods are based on the understanding that fertility is a sign of health and not a disease to be treated with hormonal suppressants.


Our methods rely on mutual understanding and support between partners.


Our methods are based on understanding the natural procreative mechanism of both male and female and using this information to make informed, mutual decisions about fertility outcomes.

The Marquette Method

The Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning is one of the newest methods of NFP available. Unlike most other methods, the Marquette Method does not track signs and symptoms of fertility associated with bodily changes in response to changing hormone levels, but rather tracks the hormone levels directly through daily testing of urine samples using a digital fertility monitor. This, in turn, can be used to help pinpoint days of ovulation in each cycle, aiding a couple to either achieve or postpone pregnancy, depending upon their state in life.

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The Creighton Model & NaPro Technology

The Creighton Model uses a standardised charting system of cervical fluid and other parameters to determine a woman’s state of fertility. This charting model is an integrated approach offering:

  • Effective family planning
  • Excellent care in evaluation and treatment of infertility. 

NaPro Technology

NaPro Technology is an emerging medical science that works with the body’s natural procreative capacity.  Couples team up with specially trained doctors to accurately diagnose the cause of sub-fertility, irregular cycles or other reproductive pathology.  Cycle charts form an important foundation for NaPro diagnosis and treatment.

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Billings Ovulation Method

Since 1980, millions of women around the world observe their fertility cycles using the guidelines of the Billings Method.  Developed by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings, women learn to observe their changing patterns to determine the window of potential fertility around the time of ovulation.


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The Sympto Thermal Method

The Sympto-Thermal Method recognises two primary indicators of fertility occurring naturally in a woman’s body, which are:

  • Cervical fluid
  • Basal body temperature

A number of other symptoms can be used to complement the two primary indicators and provide you with additional information.

A woman observes her daily symptoms and records these on a chart.  Together, a couple is taught to interpret what these mean and develop an understanding of the timing of ovulation and the window of potential fertility in each menstrual cycle.



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