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Understanding how your body works, what is healthy and what is not, enables you to participate in decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.

Fertility Aware seeks to bring you up to date with relevant information regarding your fertility health. We encourage you to become familiar with our body literacy pages, while recommending you see a consultant for a more in-depth instruction or to use a fertility awareness method to avoid pregnancy.

What is Body Literacy?

When we were children, we learnt how to distinguish each letter of the alphabet and to recognise combinations of these as words. We became literate.

But many of us were not adequately taught to be body literate and don’t know how to read the natural signs our body is showing us.

In the area of fertility awareness, body literacy means understanding how everything works together as a complex system to enable reproduction to take place. This includes understanding:

  • • Women’s and men’s reproductive anatomy

  • • The art of conception

  • • What controls the menstrual cycle

  • • Fertility after birth, during breastfeeding and beyond

  • • Infertility – causes and treatment

  • • Common cycle disorders

  • • Menopause

We hope these pages will inspire and empower you to take charge of your fertility and live the best and healthiest life imaginable.